Create personalised wallpapers & photos with PhotoBlur!

PhotoBlur creates amazing wallpapers based on your photos. Whether its photo of your trip to Hawaii or your first car, PhotoBlur will automatically use the colours of the image and create smooth & perfect background for you. You can then modify it with captions, overlay images etc.

PhotoBlur has a plethora of features including -

• flip, modify saturation and brightness of your wallpaper.

• Overlay the original image over your wallpaper.

• Overlay a custom caption and choose between 7 beautiful fonts.

• Share your wallpaper on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email or any other social networking app you have on your device

• Beautifully animated user interface.

• Double tap anywhere to preview your wallpaper


And Much More!

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"If one is looking for a straightforward and easy to use tool to make beautiful blurred backgrounds, then PhotoBlur is certainly worth a look." -

"PhotoBlur takes it a step further by giving you the ability to add captions, overlay images, and more. Not only will your iPhone’s background look great, but you can share it with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter so they can make their iPhones look great, too." -

"PhotoBlur is one of the few apps on the App Store that serves a single purpose and does so very well."




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