Photoshop CS Mastery (Video)

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Discove how to master Adobe Photoshop Once & For All. Start creating Flawless, Dramatic Images Using The Tools The Professionals Choose!

Learn The Secrets To Editing, Formatting & Managing Your Photographic Imagery!

Here is your chance to finally take control and master the Adobe Photoshop software! Through the video series, you'll get useful hints and tips such as

* Getting the most from Adobe Photoshop in order to meet your photo management objectives

* Carrying out a broad range of image adjustments

* Carrying out color variations and work on color correction

* A range of tools for cloning and correcting areas of the image your working on

【免費媒體與影片App】Photoshop CS Mastery (Video)-APP點子

* Transforming your photos from .jpeg into a range of other formats including .raw file format

* The process of retouching and patching your images

* Seeing demonstrations of to effectively use different selection tools

* Creating image layers and grouping objects in the image and graphic overlays

* Finding out how filters can be added and adjusted to create different effects in your images

And Much Much More…

The following are the lesson titles you will learn in this informative video series

【免費媒體與影片App】Photoshop CS Mastery (Video)-APP點子

Video 1 - What Photoshop Can Do

Video 2 - Navigation and Resolution

Video 3 - Rotate and Crop

Video 4 - Color Correction

Video 5 - Red Eye Removal and Recolor

Video 6 - Clone, Heal and Patch

Video 7 - Using the Selection Tools

【免費媒體與影片App】Photoshop CS Mastery (Video)-APP點子

Video 8 - Groups and Compositions

Video 9 - Opacity and Blend Modes

Video 10 - Masks and Layers

【免費媒體與影片App】Photoshop CS Mastery (Video)-APP點子

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