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Phousion (Photo + Fusion) helps users to take a series of photos continuously, stitch them together and share it in a snap.

[v 0.9.1]

1. Fix for devices which have front-facing camera, now Primary camera is the first choice.

2. New Clean look

3. Double tap on preview page now can zoom in details.

4. UI tuning.

【免費社交App】Phousion 微博版-APP點子


1. Quick - continuous capture mode helps taking continuous actions from a fixed distance.

2. Accurate - continuous capture mode helps taking a series of photos from different spot.

3. Many (and increasing) templates to fuse the photo, just one click, you don't need think too much.

4. Save the fused photo to phone.

5. Or share it on Internet.

【免費社交App】Phousion 微博版-APP點子


This version of Phousion is for users, most of the contents and description in this application are in Chinese. You can still save the fused pictures to phone though. Twitter (English) version is under developing.

Phousion (Photo + Fusion) 可以帮助用户连续地拍摄一系列照片,将照片合并起来并快速地分享给好友。


【免費社交App】Phousion 微博版-APP點子



1. 快速连拍模式用于拍摄连续的动作。

2. 精确连拍模式用于拍摄附近不同的景色。

3. 多种模板合并图片,智能合成只需一键。

4. 保存到手机以便日后使用。

【免費社交App】Phousion 微博版-APP點子

5. 分享到网络。

【免費社交App】Phousion 微博版-APP點子

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