Piano Tiles Bomb

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

★ 【 online a month, download quickly reached about 5000000 times, game player to rave reviews, positive rate was 99.99%, in order to thank the vast number of game player support is launching a new free version: 】★

◇ How To Play:

Tap the start button to begin.

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Tap your fingers as quickly as possible, but don't step on the white tiles.

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Relay mode

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Scored more than 50 for 10 seconds, can add 10 seconds.

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Rush mode

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Very fast, you have to be careful

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Classic mode

【免費街機App】Piano Tiles Bomb-APP點子

Tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal.

Zen mode

In this mode you have a 30 seconds to step as many times as possible.

Arcade mode

The game is very useful to people who wants to learn how to focus, and without the annoying ads, download the game and start playing now!

To free source codes of android app visit us on: WwW.iSourceCode.Org

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