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【免費工具App】Pic Star! Cool, Funny, Smart-APP點子

Create funny, good looking fake pictures and shock your friends with your breathtaking appearance!★★★ Top App to create hot images ★★★Turn yourself or your friends into a hot super model in different poses and special outfits. You can show of your perfect body with sculpted abs (six pack) in a sexy poses on a motorcycle or wile getting out of the water of a tropical beach, wearing a sporty sweater, a special agent (hero) etc. If you are a girl you could take the place of some sexy girls in some nice or funny clothes like the best good looking Santa Claus dress, some really glamour evening dresses, or become part of a tale by wearing a fairy costume and many more.If you are more the sporty type you will find a big selection of pictures as for example pictures of some gymnasts, a surfer riding the wave, cyclist on his bike, a basketball player, a champ showing of his trophy or even a fisher holding a huge fish.If you like music and parties you can swap your face with some cool rock musicians or a DJ.Try to impress your friends by getting a hard iron look and transform yourself in a warrior like a ninja / samurai, a martial artist or a boxer.With this fantastic tool you will be able to create marvelous pictures that you can send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.Take a photo of you or a friend and let this astonishing tool generate funny pictures.It's easy:

1. Choose a picture

【免費工具App】Pic Star! Cool, Funny, Smart-APP點子

2. Place it in the frame. Resize the picture with the fingers.3. See the funny results

【免費工具App】Pic Star! Cool, Funny, Smart-APP點子

4. Save, and share with your friends ;-)Enjoy yourself with this funny app and discover how easy it can be to fake pictures.Features:- A lot of predefined pictures- Create wallpapers and backgrounds- Create photomontages, illusions, cool image effects, etc.- Photo edit / editor- etc.It is a really fun app to have when you want to add something special and unique to your pictures.You can show this app on a party, in a bar, in a disco and have fun with your friends :-)Sticker option:Give your pictures a personal touch. Select either a photo from your gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selected pic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest stickers. It contains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs (hairstyles), sunglasses, eyes, mouth expressions like kisses, scary objects with blood, a jewel etc. Let your pictures communicate something or create some comics by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.

【免費工具App】Pic Star! Cool, Funny, Smart-APP點子

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