Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich)

【免費攝影App】Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich)-APP點子

Photo Collage allows you to quickly combine multiple sized photos into one beautifully framed picture & unique collage in seconds, then share your masterpiece to Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox or many, many more apps.

Very simple usage:

- Choose one of the 6 amazing layouts (frames)

- Tap the folder icon in one of the layout cells to choose a photo (from photo roll or to snap one with a camera!)

【免費攝影App】Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich)-APP點子

- Pinch the photo to zoom, move with your finger to adjust the pic position

- Choose one of the dozens of frames

【免費攝影App】Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich)-APP點子

- Tap on selected photo again to rotate, toggle borders or select a new picture

- SHARE or save with the icon in bottom-left corner

The app now also contains many Christmas-themed frames.

There are no intrusive ads in Photo Collage! No adware installing icons on your homescreen or putting spam in notification tray!

【免費攝影App】Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich)-APP點子

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