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【免費教育App】PicsArt for Kids - Ads FREE-APP點子

The best coloring, drawing and learning app for kids (parents will love it too!) - NOW on limited-time SALE! PicsArt Kids edition has exclusive high quality content created with our artists and it combines 3 applications in one:

* Drawing - on empty canvas or scenes never was so funny and intuitive. It is designed for kids and tested with kids. (supports up to 10 finger drawing simultaneously)

* Coloring - with wonderful cartoon Dinosaurs, Fishes, Cars and Princesses (supports multi-touch color filling) you'll enjoy playing it as much as your kids

【免費教育App】PicsArt for Kids - Ads FREE-APP點子

* Learning - encompass best practices for learning how to draw by providing simple shapes and showing how simple shape can be used to draw animals, people and things.


Specially designed for Tablets now also supports phone size screens!

If having problem with filling our small areas in coloring you can zoom with fingers and drag (especially useful for small screen phones)

【免費教育App】PicsArt for Kids - Ads FREE-APP點子

For any questions, problems or wishes please send an email to

Thank you for using PicsArt products!

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