Pictometry Roof Reports

【免費商業App】Pictometry Roof Reports-APP點子

The Pictometry Roof Measurement Report application enables you to get accurate roof measurements for a property without ever setting foot on-site – directly from your Android device. Place report orders and check on the status of pending orders with direct access to your Pictometry Roof Measurement Report account. In addition, an integrated digital pitch gauge lets you view roof pitch directly through the display of your mobile device.


- Access your account and order roof measurement reports right from your Android device

【免費商業App】Pictometry Roof Reports-APP點子

- Upload pictures of the property

- Keep track of your report orders with real-time account status

- Download and view finished roof measurement reports directly on your Android device

【免費商業App】Pictometry Roof Reports-APP點子

- Perform at-a-glance pitch estimation using the integrated digital pitch gauge

【免費商業App】Pictometry Roof Reports-APP點子

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