Ping Friends Finder

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

Find your friends by GPS using one button - Ping them!

How many times do you reach for your phone to dial the number of yourfriend and ask only one question: "Where are you? '. Appointment on the other side of town? Lost in the crowd? Maybe you just want to know what is doing your loved onenow?

With Ping Finder appfinding your friends will be easy and quick. Check someone's location in two simple steps:

- Send Ping!

- Check the answer - the marker on the map with the location of your friend and message.

Ping Finder application are:

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

- Quick log-in and finding friends through Facebook Account

- Asking questions about the location of your friends

- Sending the feedback response with the GPS marker on the map and message

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

- Management of friends

- Management of received and sent pings

Finding friends by GPS have never been so easy and so entertaining! :) And no one will follow you all the time. You share your location only if you want!

How does it work:

1. Dowlnoad app

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

2. Login using Facebook account

3. Invite your friends to pinging location

4. Press Ping button

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

5. Wait your friend's anwser

6. Check your friend GPS position with comment on map

If you get ping from your friend:

1. Press 'OK' answer button

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

2. Wait until the GPS finds your location

3. Put the comment if you want

4. Send your location

【免費社交App】Ping Friends Finder-APP點子

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