Pipeflex Calculator

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

This calculator is designed to aid piping engineers, piping students, pipe welders, pipe assemblers, and so on!

It's a regular scientific calculator with build-in piping equations and formulas, as shown below:

✔ Uses International System of Units (SI) or United States Units (US)

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

✔ Can use degrees or radians

✔ Have a memory mode which can store as much data as you want

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

✔ Come with a pipe and fittings database according to ASME standard code (ASME B36.10 for pipes and ASME B16.9 for fittings), where you can get dimensions and weights

✔ Have a material database according to ASTM standard code

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

✔ Calculate the volume of welding material needed to weld pipes

✔ Calculate flow rate, velocity and pipe diameter

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

✔ Can find the closest standard pipe just by giving the inner diameter and thickness

✔ Calculate Complex Roll Offset, Simple Roll Offset, Mitered Cut Back, Parallel Cut Back, Cut Length, Odd Angle, Water Column, Area, Volume

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

✔ You can change the calculator color (black or white)

✔ Have a build-in converter, which can convert pressure, temperature, length, weights, power and volume

Oh, and it come with a manual in pdf format, so you wont get lost! :)

Much more will be added in the followings updates!

【免費工具App】Pipeflex Calculator-APP點子

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