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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr there matey, come join us on a treasure hunt. Set amidst an ambiance of plundering and looting, Pirate Dozer is bound to enhance your experience of playing this arcade extravaganza. It comes with exotic prizes, gold coins, and above all, Premium Rewards! Just push gold coins and exciting prizes into your bucket by dropping some from the machine. But beware! Don’t push the loot off the sides or it will end up in the depths of the sea. Collect treasure chests, anchors, helms, cannons, crowns, and more for special bonuses or even more gold coins! Stockpile side wall coins and then use them to create a wall barricade whenever you really need it. Convert side gutters into buckets to collect even those coins that fall off the sides, and be on the lookout for Lucky coins that turn into special coins.And yes, complete a set of prizes and trade them off for coins and power-ups!The fun doesn’t end here. There’s another super awesome feature in the form of Premium Rewards!There’s no need to worry if you run out of coins. You’ll earn free coins while you play or some more while you’re away.Pirate Dozer is laden with entertaining features that you’d fall in love with!• Colorful and vibrant 3D graphics• Loads of interactive special coins and prizes to collect, including barrels, gauntlets, lamps, pirate hats, and more!• Premium rewards (Kiip premium reward)• Immersive user experienceYou would also• Get special coins on leveling up.• Brag about your rewards with your Facebook friends and tell them about your feats in Pirate Dozer.• Earn free coins by watching free videos and downloading apps.More updates with new features coming soon.

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