Pitch Meter RZ

【免費運動App】Pitch Meter RZ-APP點子

This app is a must for the coach, sweep rower, boat rigger and sculler.

Rigging your boat correctly will result in a most effective stroke.

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their rowing stroke should have this app. Adjusting the boat to your personal requirements is no longer a mystery.

“Pitch Meter RZ” includes a Pitch meter with an easy to use interface. Zero in your pitch and lock in buttons are included. And if you are new to boat rigging, this is a great app with useful information and illustrations that will show you how to get measurements for your boat.

Learn how to measure:

• Spread

• Span

【免費運動App】Pitch Meter RZ-APP點子

• Outboard

• Inboard

• Oarlock Pitch

• Oarlock Height

• Footstretcher Position

• Footboard Angle

You can even keep a log of your settings for later use.

【免費運動App】Pitch Meter RZ-APP點子

No more carrying around levels and expensive meters.

【免費運動App】Pitch Meter RZ-APP點子

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