Pitch Perfect Maze (Beta)

【免費解謎App】Pitch Perfect Maze (Beta)-APP點子

This application is being beta tested right now. The official release will have a more complete and comprehensive listing on the Play store.

Pitch Perfect Maze is a game designed to be played without any visual interaction. It consists of several gaming modes, levels, achievements, online scoring/ranking, and much more. I have attempted to mimic all the features of a traditional game. This game is designed and optimized for those with blindness, and was created because I found it surprising that visually interacting with a phone, in most cases, is the only way to use it productively. Smartphones are equipped with awesome technology all packed in such a small form factor. I have tried to harness the various sensory, feedback, and control mechanisms available on all devices to create something unique.

Pitch Perfect Maze is meant to be entertaining, challenging, and competitive. As this is the beta release, despite exhaustive testing it is very likely that small glitches may be present. In order to ensure the official release of this game is perfect, please notify me of any such deficiencies. I would truly appreciate any feedback you may have. Please contact me at contact@geodelabs.com

Note: Please ensure you turn up the volume of your phone when you play this game. This game is ideally meant to be played with headphones, or in a quiet setting if you are utilizing your phone's speaker system.

Note: In order to play this game, it is absolutely essential for you to have Text To Speech enabled on your phone. If you are on an older Android device, in particular, the text to speech engine does not sound very natural. I highly recommend downloading the free INova text to speech engine (also on the Play store) along with a voice which suits your liking. Playing this game will surely be a more pleasurable experience with a better voice to listen to.

【免費解謎App】Pitch Perfect Maze (Beta)-APP點子

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