PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

This app provides a fun, exciting, and a new way of communication with which you show you care with photos and collages. With PixeConn you can call your buddies for a photo taking session, creating photo collages automatically, and group texting. Making a picture call (PixeCall) is a new way of connecting to your friends and family.

Unlike contemporary social networking sites, the picture call is exclusive and special for those in the call. You can even install app widget at your phone home screen to have exclusive and direct access to what your loved one can see. The widget can serve as a mini digital photo frame, with photos straight out from your loved one’s camera.

This app also serves as universal receiver of all PixeConn family apps, such as PixeHome.


* Photo sharing by connecting phone cameras together. You can even hear shutter sound of your friends’ phone as photos are being taken.

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

* Widget on home screen acting as digital photo frame connecting the loved one.

* SIMPLE and FUN app to create photo collages & share them phone-to-phone.

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

* See the world with various picture messaging types - among friends, lovers, babies, pets, events, group outings, reunion, and more.

* SAVE up to $240 per year on text messaging and MMS; Pay only once for the App and send text message and photos FREE for a LIFETIME.

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

* Free group texting anywhere in the world

* Free unlimited photo sharing

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

* NEW: Text on photos with one-of-the-kind user interface.

With PixeConn you have one more way to see what your buddies can see. You achieve that by linking your buddies’ Android camera phones. Photos taken in your close-knit groups are immediately available for you to see and keep. PixeConn makes communication with friends and family alive with just-in-time photos and free text messages.

Your friends might be waiting for a picture call from you, even though they may not know about PixeConn! Because to see something or somebody that matters is human instinct, regardless if they are at our surrounding. This is time to introduce your friends and family something new, and at the same save some bucks.

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子




Step 1: (Pixe-) Call your contacts for a photo snapping session

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

Step 2: Get everyone to snap photos ... along with FREE texting

Step 3: Share collage and … text more

Then, let the “magic” of collage pull us together!

【免費社交App】PixeConn Deluxe : Share Photo-APP點子

PixeConn FAQ:

What happen if my friends do not have PixeConn Deluxe?

A: All recipients of PixeConn invitation get FREE recipient app (PixeConn Standard) to join your exclusive photo calls. Once invited from the app, your friends will be informed the next steps through regular email. We currently support Android PixeConn and iPhone PixeConn.

Why does PixeConn installation warn about “Service That Costs You Money”?

A: PixeConn messaging is completely FREE. However, PixeConn provides an option for you to send a personal SMS/MMS to users not yet using PixeConn; You will be explicitly warned whenever you explicitly choose to use SMS/MMS, which is “Service That Costs You Money”. Otherwise, PixeConn messaging service is completely free for you.

If you like our photo share Android app, please rate us five stars. Also your feedback is very important and will help us to serve you better, please feel free to contact us at contact@pixeconn.com

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@pixeconn) and Facebook (@pixeconnapps).

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