PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone

【免費工具App】PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone-APP點子

If you know your friends have great photos of yesterday’s event in their phones, to wait for them to send the 50 photos with MMS is neither practical nor cool. Also, your friends may forget to send them. Waiting for someone to send a picture to phone is NOT the only way of sharing photo.

PixeGrab puts you at the driver seat. With PixeGrab you can ask to send photos to phone now, you will immediately see those photos stored in your friends’ cell phone. With PixeGrab, you sync 50 photos with ONE simple invitation and NOT by sending 50 MMS.

With PixeGrab, you have exclusive preview of your friends’ photos without putting photos for the world to see in Facebook or Twitter or Flickr.

Sending photos to phone will never be the same again. It is easy, fast and hassle free. PixeGrab shares pics from phones in a private and exclusive way between you and someone you trust. This power tool is NOT for open social network. With PixeGrab, you fetch photos from multiple mobile phones the SMART way.



* One-of-its-kind tool for photo GRABBING/IMPORTING between phones.

* EXCLUSIVE photo sharing, not meant for open social networks.

* Photo grabbing from MULTIPLE phones at the same time, across Android and iPhone.

* ONE simple instruction to grab 5 or 500 photos, and sit back.

【免費工具App】PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone-APP點子

* Versatile grabbing OPTIONS: by today, date, last x photos, and etc.

* Super FAST text messaging anywhere in the world.

* Gain praises for saving your friends’ SMS/MMS fee.

* Pay only once for the App and send text message and photos FREE for a LIFETIME.

* Turn the acquired photos into digital photo frame on phone home screen using the app widget.


【免費工具App】PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone-APP點子



When you initiate to “grab” photos from your friends’ phones, your friends will be eligible for FREE recipient apps (PixeConn Standard) to handle your “grabbing” request. Please ask them to download FREE PixeConn Standard to enable your “grabbing”. Of course, all photo grabbing and sending photos to cell phone will need approval from your friends.

3 easy steps to use PixeGrab:

Step 1: Make a photo-based call (i.e. PixeCall) including your contacts

Step 2: Get your contacts to send what you want to see … along with FREE texting

Step 3: Make use of collected photos for your respective application

PixeGrab currently support all Android and iPhone. All photos, regardless of how they are taken, can be “grabbed” with PixeGrab.

If you are a self-appointed people person and are always tasked with putting all photos together for everyone to see. With PixeGrab, you can “grab” photos from all your friends’ phones in ONE simple invitation, organize and then upload pictures from phone to some online albums or with USB transfer.


Why does PixeConn installation warn about “Service That Costs You Money”?

【免費工具App】PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone-APP點子

A: PixeConn messaging is completely FREE. However, PixeConn provides an option for you to send a personal SMS/MMS to users not yet using PixeConn; You will be explicitly warned whenever you explicitly choose to use SMS/MMS, which is “Service That Costs You Money”. Otherwise, PixeConn messaging service is completely free for you.

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【免費工具App】PixeGrab: Grab Pics From Phone-APP點子

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