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Buying house is one of the biggest investments you are going to make. You do research on real estate, available home sales, and visit many houses. But, alas, the more houses you visit the more difficult to remember all of them. How to remember the look of the kitchen of the first house when you are visiting the 10th house? It just does not make sense to leave it to fleeting memory on such a serious investment. Is there a home tracking or home buyer assistance app?

Making a house buying decision is not easy. PixeHome removes one of the biggest challenges by “leaving no room for ambiguity as far as the appearance is concerned”. Buying first house can be made less stressful with PixeHome.

PixeHome solution is SIMPLE: Snap the house and room photos with your phone and the app will automatically organize them with street addresses, map, date of visit, and room type. You can annotate the houses or particular rooms. House photos are listed neatly for review at any time. Rank the houses and sort them, all from the phone.

PixeHome goes one step further than home tracking. You can create a house hunting call consisting of your spouse, buyer agent, and other potential helpers. Then, PixeHome links those phone cameras together; A house photo taken by your spouse or agent will automatically appear in your phone. No upload, USB transfer, or file sharing is required. With the built-in collaboration features such as texting on photos, you can also make your agent to work harder for you to find your dream home - by asking to see house photos before visiting, for example. During the house hunting process spanning months, everyone has the same images from their phones, in their palms.


* Remember 20+ visited homes and their rooms with confidence.

* Organize house photos by street addresses(GPS-enabled), map, date of visit, and room type.

* Link phone cameras together and collaborate exclusively.

【免費購物App】PixeHome-Home Buyer Assistance-APP點子

* Rank, annotate, and text on house photos to helpers such as your agent and spouse.

* Browse photos and compare; e.g. browse kitchen photos of all visited houses, right from your palm.

* Access camera from home screen using app widget (PixeWidget)

3 easy steps to use PixeHome:

1) Make a photo-based call (i.e. PixeCall) to all helpers for photo sharing.

【免費購物App】PixeHome-Home Buyer Assistance-APP點子

2) Snap photos when you and any helpers visit houses for sale.

3) Browse and compare house/room photos which are organized automatically.

There are many things to argue with your spouse on which house to buy. But with PixeHome, the argument will not be due to fleeting memory because you both know how they look with the help of photos even three month into the house hunting process. The photos are in your palms, and are organized all the time. This home buyer assistance app is an easy way to start home tracking during the house hunting process. For investment as big as buying a house, we better get organized.


What happen if my agent or spouse does not have PixeHome?

【免費購物App】PixeHome-Home Buyer Assistance-APP點子

A: All recipients of PixeHome call get FREE recipient app (PixeConn Standard) to join your exclusive photo calls. Once you make the photo call from the app, the recipients will be informed the next steps through regular email. We currently support Android and iPhone platform.

Why does PixeHome installation warn about “Service That Costs You Money”?

A: PixeHome messaging is completely FREE. However, PixeHome provides an option for you to send a personal SMS/MMS to users not yet using PixeConn product; You will be explicitly warned whenever you explicitly choose to use SMS/MMS, which is “Service That Costs You Money”. Otherwise, PixeHome messaging service is completely free for you.

【免費購物App】PixeHome-Home Buyer Assistance-APP點子

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