Plan Big Life

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

Get a plan how to buy something big, what you always dreamed of.

"App is well above average - it works well and is better than the competition" -- Janel,

Quick start:

1. Add your goal: for example, to buy a car, a new house, or to arrange a wedding, or start a family. Enter the amount of money you need to achieve the goal. Paid version will allow to add more than one goal.

2. Add a reserved sum of money: how much money do you want to keep.

3. Fill in your income and your regular expenses on food, transportation, mortgage, etc.

4. That's all!

You will get the

- date of achievement for each goal;

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- sum of money you will have after that;

- forecast graph of your capital growth;

- detailed calculation results;

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

What a great plan of achievement of your lifetime goals, isn't it?

What if:

- your income will grow?

- your expenses will shrink?

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- you will have a family?

- you will get an inheritance?

A new plan will be ready in a matter of seconds! This app is the powerful and handy tool for 'What if' analysis in your pocket.

More advantages over manual calculations with pencil and paper or a spreadsheet processor:

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- Unique flexible cash flow calculation and capital growth forecasting engine.

- Protection from negative amount of money on your balance: brilliant option if you prefer not to spend on this goal if you balance will become negative because of this spending.

- Building a forecast for a several years in a matter of seconds.

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- Really handy option to exclude your living expenses when you are on a holiday trip.

This is FREE version. It allows you to:

- add one goal,

- get a forecast for a 3 year,

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- add any number of regular expenses,

- add 1 regular revenue,

- add 1 vacation expense,

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

- add 1 celebration expense,

- the free version has ads.

【免費財經App】Plan Big Life-APP點子

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