Plants Run Zombies

【免費街機App】Plants Run Zombies-APP點子

Plants Run Zombies is the all-new addictive BEST NEW ANDROID APP! Are you able to beat your friend’s high score?

How good are you as you run and jump to avoid the plants as your zombie eats the farmer. Eat as many humans to earn points!

Plants Run Zombies is a fun touchscreen game for all smartphones and tablets. Do not let the plants zap your zombies in this crazy challenging adventure.

Think fast and run faster to make sure the plants do not vs kill your zombies. Plan your successful strategy to combat them to eat more humans.

Plants Run Zombies is a favorite no matter what age. If you grew up playing classic arcade games or just for kids, the fun is never ending! This is a winning game!

Game Features

• Avoid the powerful plants

• Finger controls to jump and slide

【免費街機App】Plants Run Zombies-APP點子

• Collect humans for more points

• Control your own zombie

• Beautiful environments

【免費街機App】Plants Run Zombies-APP點子

• Numerous Obstacles

• Unlimited game play for free

Download today to see if the plants or zombies will win in the best running game of all!

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