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MD-Tel mobile dialer is a very easy and user friendly Android dialer for Mobile VoIp call. The dialer can run smoothly in any version of android phone. This small and easy installable app help you to connect with your service provider provided soft switches quickly. MD-Tel mobile dialer required a minimum bandwidth for connecting and originating VoIP calls. User may charge through their telecom operators for data services. It’s run smoothly in any private network. If you are a Mobile VoIP service provider please collect your demo PIN for testing this superb dialer from our website: For more details and update information like us at face book: .

MD-TEL Dialer good working at UAE Etisalat Social network We are pleased to inform that we have updated all bug and fixed problem for Etisalat social network, Now MD-TEL Dialer is excellent working at Etisalat Social network in UAE. MD-TEL Dialer is most popular anti block mobile dialer in middle East and good working in ( UAE, KSA OMAN KUWAIT )and others country. Please collect your own brand dialer with free byte saver . Get Free 4/5 Days DEMO With Byte Saver Support Free SoftLayer Cloud Server Visit Here

【免費通訊App】Platinum Dialer-APP點子

MD-TEL Dialer: Make VoIP Calls from Mobile Phones Using Mobile Dialer

VoIP and MD-TEL Mobile Dialer

【免費通訊App】Platinum Dialer-APP點子

VoIP is not an unknown thing for the internet users. Till recently, VoIP is mostly used for calling through PC to PC or PC to mobile phones but now the advancements in mobile technology makes a mobile phone capable of calling through a mobile phone to a mobile phone by using VoIP. Mobile Dialer is one such software which is required to making such calls through your mobile phones whether it is Windows Phone 8, Android, iOS or Windows Mobile based phone. It is also known as

MD-TEL Mobile VoIP Dialer.

【免費通訊App】Platinum Dialer-APP點子

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