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Most of us go to temples to pray to god and seek blessings. A temple is one place, which is respected by all and the moment we enter a temple, we automatically bow our heads and fold our hands.

We seek peace in a temple and ask god to fulfill our wishes. But there are many other reason as to why should people visit temples.

【免費旅遊App】Pleasant Indian Temples-APP點子

A temple is that place where people experience absolute peace. This is a place where we feel the energy inside us. Our mind and body feels relaxed here. We feel happy and confident about ourselves. Behind all this is a scientific reason that makes us feel so good.

【免費旅遊App】Pleasant Indian Temples-APP點子

The temples have been built with scientific planning. A temple is built as per vastu so that people experience peace there. The main idol in any temple is built right below its roof. This is because when people pray their voice echoes all around the temple. Also the idol if placed centrally, its positive energy spreads all around.

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