Plingi Juggle

Juggle your way to some fun whenever you have some spare time with Plingi Juggle! Download this wildly addictive, eloquently simple arcade romp and see how much fun getting your berries together without missing a beat can be today!

Plingi Juggle is a wild new arcade challenge where players dash back and forth with a spiderweb bouncing falling berries from their tree to your bucker without letting them fall on the ground!

Plingi Juggle mashes together “quick reaction” arcade fun with the mentally engaging challenge of literally juggling multiple objects up in the air at once!

How Plingi Juggle works:

- The action takes place under a berry tree with two Plingi spiders holding a net – that`s who you control.

- A third Plingi spider ruffles berries off the tree. Its your job to bounce them using your net and get them safely to your bucket. Berries always bounce to the right and its up to you to keep them bouncing!

- The berries never stop coming and they won’t wait for you to be ready. Its up to you to race back and forth between bouncing berries to make sure you don’t lose one!

- Let three berries drop and its game over! There’s just one question left - how long can you last!

Plingi Juggle is survival arcade game at its best, so what are you waiting for? Sling your web and start collecting your berries now!

Plingi Juggle Features:

- Interactive leaderboards

- Lightning quick arcade gameplay & responsive controls and vibrant graphics

- Extra lives available collecting achievements.

Plingi Juggle is developed by Gambet Studios.

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