Pocket Pad Studio

【免費新聞App】Pocket Pad Studio-APP點子

So you ready to create BEATS and add your vocals!!

The Pocket Pad Studio powerful tool for Producers, singers, rappers, performers, creators, musicians, and anyone like yourself wanting to express themselves professionally.

- Create a mixtape using just your phone

- Make beats and add your vocals

- Pair device with a friend and create a beat


- SUPER SIMPLE to operate

- Download NEW sounds, in-App purchase

-> Download User Manual from website

【免費新聞App】Pocket Pad Studio-APP點子


Get in the driver’s seat, because now you can be the “Producer” of your own project! Using an ipod or iphone, you can make beats, musical ensembles, and even drop multitrack vocals.

Getting to the studio has never been easier, just put your musical ideas together with the Pocket Pad Studio and you’re ready for the world stage!

Master Your Product


• Premium master quality sounds used in multi-platinum, Grammy awarded hit songs provides that sounds professionals expect to hear in high-end studio hardware equipment.

• Pre-programmed functions cuts out a lot of work making it simple and fun to produce a professional sounding production.

• Import & export midi & wave via Dropbox & CPU

• Full 72 keys capabilities on keyboard synthesizer

【免費新聞App】Pocket Pad Studio-APP點子

• Link & upload recorded material to a professional studio

• Link devices to share in the creation of a beat

• Write pad- composer can create music on a standard staff music sheet using only a finger tap

• Print & email capabilities

• Upload to social world with just a touch of a button

• MAGIC button: auto-quantized all recorded material to produce perfect timed playback production with the touch of a Button.

• Sound PAKS frequently releases keeps you updated with the latest sounds created by your favorite Super-Producers.

• EASY import of New Sounds PAKS

• Hip Stylish Clean Look, not cluttered with a lot of buttons and knobs never used

• Has all the most important qualities that your known branded keyboards, Mpc, guitars and microphones have.

【免費新聞App】Pocket Pad Studio-APP點子

-> Time to take a test drive and have FUN create a Full beat.

【免費新聞App】Pocket Pad Studio-APP點子

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