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Pocket World is your ultimate pocket guide for over 240 countries around the world. The app that puts the whole world on your fingertips. The Pro version does not have ads.

Version 1.6.1

* Minor bug fixes

* Performance improvements

* Support 3 Tile sizes

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

Version 1.5

* Mango (7.5) compatible build which takes advantage of fast app switching (multi-tasking)

* Some performance improvements

Version 1.4

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

* Add view image by category

* Improve the performance for loading quiz questions

Version 1.2

* Fix the bug where the application exits when a region map is shown after user press back button

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

Version 1.1

* Add region maps

* User able to choose quiz categories

* Bug fixes

Whether you want to know the capital city of New Zealand, locate Liechtenstein in Europe, find out the weather or history of Argentina, do a bit research on any country on more than 3000 indicators provided by World Bank, or even find out the rankings of GDP for each country, this is the app for you.

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

Pocket World Features:

* Wide range of facts on countries around the world, provided and updated yearly by The World FactBook from CIA

* Over 3000 indicators provided by World Bank covering over a dozen major topics of the world. Topics include Agriculture, Education, Energy, Poverty and etc.

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

* The Favorite page allows you to manage a list of your favorite indicators so you can access them quickly

* Show indicator values for each country in each country's individual page, with both chart view and table view

* Interesting images from each country provided by Flickr.com

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

* Visualize top countries per indicator on Bing Map

web: www.surface-element.com

email: feedback@surface-element.com

keyword: world, factbook, travel, pocket, countries

【免費教育App】Pocket World Pro-APP點子

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