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PocketRoster is currently in closed beta. If you're interested in participating, you can sign up at http://getpocketroster.com/

Do have all of your members at your fingertips?

Get your group its own private social network including a shared mobile address book, calendar, and information portal with PocketRoster.

PocketRoster is a mobile app for managing your group's membership (or roster) list. It is perfect for Clubs, Sports Teams, Committees, Volunteer Groups, and even Companies who need a corporate address book! PocketRoster provides tools for messaging with your group members, keeping user profiles up-to-date and distributing your group’s information within your group. Supplement or entirely replace your printed roster lists with PocketRoster! And never again send out a (mostly useless) spreadsheet or PDF with everyone's info!

NOTE: We can help you get started by importing your existing membership list into our system, or by integrating with your other membership database(s) that you might have!


Easy to Set Up and Manage

• PocketRoster can import existing data to get you started.

• Designate Administrators to manage membership and group information.

Secure and Private

• Password-protected - More secure than a printed or emailed group list which can get lost or misplaced!

• All group information is private within your group.

【免費通訊App】PocketRoster Beta-APP點子

• You and Your Group own your data - not us! We will never sell, rent, give away, disclose, or otherwise disseminate your information. Please see our privacy policy and terms for more information and how we protect you and your data.

Why use PocketRoster?

• Accessible - No more searching for your old printed or emailed group lists.

• Always up to date - Updated information and new group member information is instantly accessible by the entire membership!

• Informative, Friendly, Flexible - Rosters can have custom information like spouse name, child names, even photos so new group members know who everyone is! Your group's calendar and other important information can also be made available via PocketRoster.

• Actionable - Members can make calls, send texts and emails right from PocketRoster.

• Inexpensive - Reduce or eliminate printing costs.

【免費通訊App】PocketRoster Beta-APP點子

• Environmentally Friendly - Less paper, for those of you who still print a roster booklet!


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【免費通訊App】PocketRoster Beta-APP點子

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