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Finally, the popular Pokémaker app for iOS has arrived on Android; Pokémaker is the app card gamers, Magic: The Gathering (mtg) fans, and everyone else has been waiting for!

Design your own unique character cards and trade with friends across the globe through the Pokemunity. Name your Pokémon, load it up with attacks, resistance, weakness and retreat points, custom pokepower, pokebody, pokedex, and more. Invite friends to battle or download thousands of cards already on www.Pokemunity.com.

★★★★★ – Amazing

I can’t stop going on it. I’ve always wanted to do something like this! UK

★★★★★ – GET IT!

So good, the app of all apps! UK

★★★★★ – Epic!

This app is great and definitely takes up all your time! I recommend it to everyone, especially people who collect cards.. USA

Create your own virtual trading card game! This interactive platform for creating and swapping Pokémaker cards is so addictive, leaving little time in your day for much else.

Take pics from the internet, email or your photo album and design a one off character. Give your character a list of attributes, select card series, stage and type.

Create, collect and swap with friends. Show off your awesome characters to friends via the free global Pokémaker community, email them, or post them on Flickr and Facebook.

The Pokémaker app is a free download, allowing you to try it out before you purchase the unlock; it will provide you with non-stop entertainment. After unlocking, take on new card packs and expand your card collection (more packs coming soon).

Pokémaker is constantly updated! Check in regularly to find out what’s new.

Why watch fantasy cartoons and anime when you can be building and sharing your own novelty trading cards? This is a fantastic app for card traders everywhere and anywhere. Download it now and start your Pokemon domination!






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