Poker Bankroll Manager Pro

【免費財經App】Poker Bankroll Manager Pro-APP點子

Poker Bankroll Manager is a very simple, easy to use app for tracking your Poker bankroll. Designed to be simple, functional and suited for brick and mortar (ie. live play) sessions and available for download from the Android Market.


- Input Cash & Tournament entries!

- Editable fields so you can define them the way you want!

- Chart to track your progress

- Timer to track your session time

【免費財經App】Poker Bankroll Manager Pro-APP點子

- Also tracks break time

- Ability to export to file and email

- Ability to import from SD

- NEW Banking feature allows tracking deposits/withdrawals from bankroll

Trial version now allows 25 entries! Please purchase the full version for unlimited entries.

Developer fully supports and plays live cash/tournament poker.

Future changes:

【免費財經App】Poker Bankroll Manager Pro-APP點子

- Autobackup to SD card

- Additional Charts

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