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***To move data from Pool Advisor (free) to Pool Advisor or Pool Advisor Pro simply backup to the SD card from one version and import into the other version!***

Pool Advisor is a tool to make tracking and managing your pool easier. Log your chemical levels and track them over time. Keep track of your chemical inventory so you know how much you have on hand. Set reminders so you remember to properly maintain your pool. Pool Advisor is here to make it easier to take care of your pool!

Now you can manage multiple pools, keeping track of chemical checks, inventory, and reminders for each pool. Or if you're running a pool company and have your own inventory, you can keep track of all your inventory in one place.

Watch pooladvisor.blogspot.com for more updates! Email pooladvisor@gmail.com with any comments, questions, suggestions, or bug reports.

【免費生產應用App】Pool Advisor Pro-APP點子

【免費生產應用App】Pool Advisor Pro-APP點子

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