Note: This is not a game. This is for real pool players and fans.

Now With Version 1.8...

Keep up with all your favorite players and tours by checking the Pool-Trax.net section of the app. Search completed events from major tours across the country and quickly see results, payouts, and points earned. Read articles complete with photos directly in-app. Find upcoming events in seconds with the ability to view fliers in seconds.

And still...

Record Shot-by-Shot Statistics for all of your pool matches with the official Pool-Trax.net Statistical Tracking System. Whether your game is 8-Ball, 9-Ball, or 10-Ball, this app provides the easiest way to record the industry's most robust statistical data.


Combine the power of your favorite Android device with the sport you love and get insights to your own game like never before. With the optional "Create Players" upgrade, you can record statistics with all of your pool playing acquaintances. Build up the stats and find a whole new way to negotiate the best spot.

Analyze your own performance with more pool statistics than ever before!

Statistics recorded include:

* Pool-Trax Performance Rating


* Total Matches Played / Won / Lost

* Total Racks Played / Won / Lost

* Total Breaks

* Breaks where Player Stayed at Table


* Dry Breaks

* Illegal Breaks

* Fouls on Breaks

* Average # of Balls Pocketed on Break

* Win from Own Break Percentage


* Total Shots Taken

* Balls Pocketed

* Balls Pocketed to Total Shots Taken Ratio

* Fouls / Foul Percentage

* Average # of Balls Pocketed on Out

* Complete Control Percentage


* Break & Run Percentage

* And Much, Much More...

The pool stats above are each tracked for your favorite game types, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 10-Ball.


Many new features & upgrades already planned to roll out in 2014!


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