PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

A sequel to the popular game PopCork that has achieved a million downloads★

Collect the 160 types of pirates' treasure by shooting it! No complicated registration of difficult control required! You can enjoy it for free.

Pirate Pop! is a simple game to play. Get five bullets for a coin from Captain Kuma, aim the treasure and shoot!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

Like the PopCork!, it uses the acceleration sensor, so you can play as if your terminal is an actual gun.

Tilt your unit in every direction to set your sights, then tap to shoot the bullet! Swipe the gun up/down to get closer to the treasure.

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

You need to practice to drop the treasures because of the factors of ballistic course and distance or camera shake, but once you get used to it, soon you will be a good gunner!

Even if you think that you are not good at shooting, you will get into it as you play it further★

There are 160 types of treasures in all. The higher your level, the more types of treasures you see. Shoot the treasures to get and collect them!

There are some treasures that cannot move a bit by an ordinary gun...! Then you should use your points that you have saved by getting treasures to upgrade the guns and bullets.

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

You can also get special bullets with unique effects, such as the blunderbuss, machine gun, and cannon. It is also important to make good use of them in getting treasures.

Especially when you blow all the treasures with a cannon, you will feel good...!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

The treasures you got can be enlarged and seen from various directions.

Pirate Pop! is full of events that give you many coins, that include Bonus Time where rare treasures appear, quests to defeat huge sea creatures or a rival pirate ship. You can play it every day without getting bored!

Collect all the treasures to be the Pirate Pop King!!

◆With the acceleration sensor, you can enjoy the game as if it were a real shooter!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

◆There is a feature to flip the tilt axis to aim vertically/horizontally so that you can aim the treasure in a way you like!

◆""Lying Mode"" allows you to play lying on your back!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

◆It is full of events such as Bonus Time where rare items come out, quests to defeat enemy within the time limit, and missions to rescue Captain Kuma, so you will never get bored!

◆It feels good to sweep the treasures with a special bullet! Especially when shooting with a cannon...!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

◆The gun shooting sounds and other in-game SEs make the game more exciting!

◆Upgrade the corks and guns as soon as possible!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

 There are 9 grades for both corks and guns. Once you get the enough points to upgrade, do so without delay.

 By upgrading them, you can drop heavy treasures and rare treasures only appear in Bonus Time more easily!

◆As for a treasure which is hard to drop, change the place to hit!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

 A heavy treasure is easier to drop when you aim at the bottom and shoot it up!

◆Make good use of blunderbuss!

 Is there a treasure you really want but hard to drop?

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

 Then a blunderbuss is your chance to get it!

 Swipe the screen to get closer to the treasure and shoot blunderbuss at your desired treasure!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

 It is so powerful that it is easy to get the treasure.

◆The key to complete the treasure collection is Captain Kuma!?

 When you have a trouble completing the collection, Captain Kuma maybe the key to solve...!?

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

 If you aim at Captain Kuma accidentally, a ridiculous thing happens...

 But it may be the key to complete the collection.

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

5 types of events occur randomly. Clear an event to get many coins!

◆Try a quick-draw!

【免費街機App】PopCork Pirates! [PopCork2]-APP點子

◆Rescue Captain Kuma!

◆Defeat the huge crab!

◆Defeat the huge squid!

◆Repel other pirate ship!

They allow you to shoot a bullet with special effect!

◆Blunderbuss: Shoots many small bullets at once. A chance to retrieve the treasure★

◆Machine gun: Rapid fire and can drop a heavy treasure easily!

◆Cannon: Blows everything away with its blast wave. It's super rare!

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