Popular Ringtones Classic

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子

Get ready for the hottest ringtones and make your phone stand out with the most popular ringtones, best popular ringtones that are totally free phone

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子


Popular Ringtones Classic is a great collection collection of various popular ringtone sounds. This application is absolutely free.

Now you can set popular songs as a ringtone, you can also set these sounds as notification ringtones, as an alarm.You will love these ringtones

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子

on your phone.We are sure that once you download this Android app you will never want to be separated from it .These ringtones are totally

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子

free and made for your Android phone so you can have them always by your side.

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子

In this application you will find a great collection of ringtones which are part of various groups like software, techo music, samsung, nokia, windows etc

Available Features:

- Set as Phone Ringtone

- Set as Notification Tone

- Set as alarm and timer sound

- Set as SMS ringtone

- Save, share on social networks or email sounds

- Share this applicatin with your friends using facebook, twitter , google+ etc

【免費音樂App】Popular Ringtones Classic-APP點子

Legal information:

Sounds used in Most Popular Ringtones App are under public domain license.

If you like this application. please give it a 5 star rating.

If you find any issues please write to us @ freeandroapp@gmail.com

Visit us at : www.freeandroapp.com

Twitter us at @ freeandroapp

Facebook at www.facebook.com/freeandroapps

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