Portuguese Spanish dictionar

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

Simple, fast, convenient Portuguese - Spanish and Spanish - Portuguese dictionary which contains 114273 words. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not require an Internet connection. The dictionary contains the vocabulary trainer. This is an easy way to learn new words

This dictionary offers a lot of additional possibilities, among them are:

- Instant start

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

- Instant search

- Translator (online)

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

- Word trainer

- Listen to the pronunciation of the words

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

- Adding words to your personal dictionary

- Search history

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

- Offline (no internet connection required)

- Find a word copied from the clipboard

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

- Change the font size and color

- User-friendly interface

【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

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【免費教育App】Portuguese Spanish dictionar-APP點子

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