Potion Minecraft Guide

【免費動作App】Potion Minecraft Guide-APP點子

This App will teach you to Brewing potion in minecraft

- Set up your Brewery

【免費動作App】Potion Minecraft Guide-APP點子

- Brewing Potions Recipes

- Potion Ingredients List

【免費動作App】Potion Minecraft Guide-APP點子

Potions are brewable items that imbue the consumer with specific, time limited effects in Minecraft. Potions are made using water and various ingredients combined in a brewing stand. Combining a potion with gunpowder will result in a splash potion - a variant which may be thrown to give other mobs an effect, and can be used as a weapon.

Potions can only have one effect. There are 2 tiers of potion (e.g.: Speed I, Speed II), though tiers can reach levels up to 127, but will render as potion.potency.# (e.g.: Speed potion.potency.126 = Speed 127)

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