Power Meter

【免費工具App】Power Meter-APP點子

Power Meter is an accessible battery charge indicator. It displays in percent your smartphone's battery charge visually and out loud.

⋆ Ever run out of battery power in an important meeting, backpacking, sailing, partying on the beach, or taking a long flight?

⋆ Can't connect to the grid? Knowing your battery is low on power enables you to take appropriate actions to conserve the charge you have left.

【免費工具App】Power Meter-APP點子


⋆ Free with no ads and no in-app purchases.

⋆ Accessible for people with visual impairments.

⋆ Shows remaining battery charge in large, clear, readable numbers.

⋆ Speaks the numbers out loud using text-to-speech when you tap the number.

⋆ Shows a graphical progress bar that helps you see at a glance your battery charge.

⋆ Monitors your battery charge only when you use the app.

⋆ Swipe either left/right or tap the 'Close' button to exit the app.


Most Android devices contain a TTS engine supplied by the handset manufacturer.

If your Android device does not have a built-in TTS engine, you should download the free TSS engine from Google Play.

You can either update or install the free official Google text-to-speech app engine on your smartphone from here:


【免費工具App】Power Meter-APP點子

On your smartphone select your preferred TTS engine using one of these methods:

Home Screen -> Settings -> Language and Input -> Text-to-Speech Output -> Configure Preferred Text-to-Speech Engine (Google Text-to-Speech, Samsung, etc.)

Home Screen -> Settings -> Input and Control -> Language and Input -> Speech Text-to-Speech Options -> Configure Preferred Text-to-Speech Engine

Note: When you open Power Meter, the app listens for Android system information updates that occur every few seconds. Sometimes the update displays instantly, other times the update may occur after 1 to 2 seconds.

【免費工具App】Power Meter-APP點子

Power Meter is a free app with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no installation permissions.

Created by Demosveritas Apps, Ltd.

【免費工具App】Power Meter-APP點子

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