Power Schedule Basic

【免費工具App】Power Schedule Basic-APP點子

A note on the new permissions:

【免費工具App】Power Schedule Basic-APP點子

I added some optional special offers, and they require these new permissions.

【免費工具App】Power Schedule Basic-APP點子

The special offers are not obtrusive, you can access them if you wish by opening "Special Offers".

Power Schedule is a lightweight app, designed for Android. It allows you to set an On/Off schedule for Airplane Mode (Telephony), WiFi, Bluetooth and Data connection. Ring Profile can be automatically switched between Silent and Normal

For example, you may want to set WiFi to off when you leave for work in the morning. Then back to on when you're home again and in range of your personal wireless network.

You can set a different schedule for the Phone or Bluetooth. For example, set your phone to off while you sleep at night, so you're not bothered by any unwanted calls.

Setting the phone to off will not completely power off your Android device, so you'll still have your alarms active.

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