What is PowerBuddies?

PowerBuddies is a battery widget with a small game. Widget will keep the user informed about device battery charge level with avatar's emotions. The avatars can be very happy, or very mad if you run low on battery power! That’s why PowerBuddies makes your battery status much more interesting!

And there is more!

When you click on the avatar on your home screen the PowerBuddies game mode will begin. In the game, your avatar hungers for items. All kind of items will start to appear, and you can feed them to your avatar character.

If you feed him three same items in a row, a more higher level item will spawn. Higher level items yield more score, and can also be combined to spawn even higher level items!

PowerBuddies was designed to be a totally care free game. It does not need your focus all the time, and the game will keep living even you are not in the game mode. This way you can always continue your game without the need to start over or quit.

The avatar will also tell you if there are more than three higher level items available to be eaten. This is shown with a big exclamation box above your avatar.

PowerBuddies features:

- Fancy graphics


- Funny sounds

- Relaxing care free gameplay


- Suitable for all ages

- Battery life made fun

Free version includes:

- White Ram, Brown Ram and Teddybear avatars!

More avatars coming soon!


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