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Never able to find time for prayer in your busy day or are forgetful about prayer? Do you promise someone you will pray for them and then can't remember their name during prayer? Do you wish you could have all of your prayer resources in one convenient, portable place? Are you not able to find a Catholic church to attend while you are on vacation?

Prayer Aid solves all of the above problems and more. Prayer Aid is designed with Catholics in mind, but is useable by non-Catholics as well.


【免費書籍App】Prayer Aid-APP點子

• Create a prayer schedule with reminders for when it’s time to pray

• Keep a list of prayer intentions so you don’t forget them

• Library of prayers and devotions

• Find the nearest Catholic church based on where you are currently

• Interactive rosary counter

【免費書籍App】Prayer Aid-APP點子

changelog v1.0.1: moved rosary counter position on rosary page, miscellaneous fixes

I will be adding more prayers and devotions (as I find them or as you suggest them to me) in the next release. Multi-language support (including Latin) and better support for higher-resolution phones are planned for a later release.

【免費書籍App】Prayer Aid-APP點子

If you enjoy this app, please rate and review it in the marketplace (feel free to offer any suggestions to improve as well if you wish). Suggestions for improvements and new features are always (and definitely) welcome and can submitted at the product support page,

【免費書籍App】Prayer Aid-APP點子

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