Precision Driving Gold

【免費賽車遊戲App】Precision Driving Gold-APP點子

Precision Driving Gold is a star of the precision driving 3D car driving simulator game series.

It features on screen steering of great fidelity. It now features epic scenery.

Get your sports car off the street or racing track and try some precision driving exercises.

Pursue your records, unlock new levels. Time and cone limit adds a bit of heat to the challenge.

If you like the car parking or bus parking games this may be next good choice for you.

This game may feel like something inbetween the parking games series and racing games.

This is a big challenge as some of the levels are really hard to accomplish.

Unlike parking games this game requires not only accuracy but also speed.

You can now repeat levels and try to get best times possible. Master your driving skills!

This is something more that just parking cars, parking bus or parking any other vehicle.

Stay tuned for next levels.

【免費賽車遊戲App】Precision Driving Gold-APP點子

A three star rating is awarded for completing the level in less that 50% of the time limit and not touching any cones.

Two stars go for completing the level in less that 50% time.

One star is for not exceeding the 75% of the time limit.

Do not touch the barriers - this will result in a crash.

The game is free to play - good for your cash.

- 3D graphics,

- smooth gameplay,

- nice scenery and models,

- realistic controls,

- chase the time - your record times are now stored,

【免費賽車遊戲App】Precision Driving Gold-APP點子

- more levels to come soon!

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