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【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

PrevasRedmine is a Redmine client which uses 'Redmine REST API'. It helps managing the projects and let you track the progress of the tasks/issues from your mobile device.

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

This app gives you the ability to access multiple Redmine servers. You can browse and filter your projects, issues, comments and times spent. In addition, you can create and assign new issues, projects and users or clock your spent time or write comments on existing issue/story or edit existing ones.

* Browse projects

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

* View issues and show description

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

* Add new issues or edit issues

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

* Clock time spent

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

* View Issue progress

Supports Redmine 1.1 - 2.2.x

"Enable REST Web Service" must be checked in Redmine settings (Administration - Settings - Authentication) -

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

Some of the functionality may depend on your personal Redmine user rights given to you by the Redmine administrator. Please ask him/her for additional right settings if neccessary.

Please send us your ideas and issues if any. We would love hearing from you.

【免費工具App】Prevas Redmine-APP點子

Thank you for using the Prevas Redmine App!

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