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Do you need to a way to print out your text messages for legal purposes? Or to have a hard copy for your personal back up? The PRINT MY TEXT App scans your phone and allows you to email your texts to yourself. You can then print them as a printable email or PDF depending on your email provider. Just follow the easy steps:

1. Download the app

【免費工具App】Print My Text-APP點子

2. After the setup page the app will automatically scan your phone. ( This process may take 2-10 minutes depending on your phone and the number of texts)

【免費工具App】Print My Text-APP點子

3. Press send

【免費工具App】Print My Text-APP點子

4. Enter email where you want your texts sent (USE YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT, NOT OUTLOOK)

【免費工具App】Print My Text-APP點子

5. Print or Save as a backup

One good thing to know is Print My Text does not store any of your information. Your text messages go from your phone to your email and NO WHERE ELSE. We understand your privacy is important and you can rest assure your information will never be seen by anyone.

If you like the app, please give us a good review. If you don't like, tell us why so we can make it better.

Thank you for your interest in "Print My Text"

【免費工具App】Print My Text-APP點子

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