Pro Herbalist Helper

【免費醫療App】Pro Herbalist Helper-APP點子

Pro Herbalist Helper is an app for professional medical herbalists and students of medical herbalism. It has been created to aid with formulating prescriptions, making it easy to check dosages and calculate and adjust total amounts. It has been created by Mark Jack BSc(Hons) MNIMH, a practising medical herbalist who uses this app regularly in his own practice.


* Quickly calculate total tincture amounts for a week & multiple weeks.

【免費醫療App】Pro Herbalist Helper-APP點子

* Check dosage ranges for a large range of tinctures at the tap of a button.

* View dosage ranges for a child calculated from the child's age or weight.

【免費醫療App】Pro Herbalist Helper-APP點子

* Save & view prescriptions by patient ID codes.

* Quickly adjust prescription dosage or totals.

【免費醫療App】Pro Herbalist Helper-APP點子

* Export / import backups and export prescriptions as text files (requires permission to write to SD card or storage).

* Contains dosages for many western herbs and some Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Both Latin and common names are given.

PLEASE NOTE: This app is designed for professional herbalists practising Western herbal medicine. It will not be of much use to people not practising herbal medicine professionally. It will currently also be of limited use to those that prescribe in drop dosages.

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT DOSAGES: After loading the app and before using it please click on the 'Help' button and read the section on dosages. While every effort has been taken to make sure the dosages used in this app are correct inaccuracies are still possible, so always use your professional judgement when prescribing herbs and choosing dosages.

It is a FREE app, but if you do find it useful in your practise, please consider sending a donation for the time it has taken bringing this app to you. (The donation button uses Google's 'In-app purchases' to process donations).

Should you have any problems using this app or would like to make any suggestions please get in touch at

【免費醫療App】Pro Herbalist Helper-APP點子

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