Prognoza is the Windows Phone Weather app you need! It suits for downloading the latest weather data for a specific city or your current location based on the Windows Phone location APIs. The background pictures display the current weather conditions. Prognoza has a TRIAL mode which gives you the FULL APP EXPERIENCE for 4 DAYS, there you can see if the weather is accurate enough for you, or if the app works fine for you, after this period you can buy it.


• A clean, nice design aligned at the Windows Phone metro design principles.

• Live Tiles, front and back side with pictures of the current weather conditions. (512MB RAM devices don’t have the back tile)

• A beautiful Lock Screen that updates along with the Live Tiles, and has the same picture in the background like the Live Tiles.


• Prognoza has two methods of giving you the best weather data, one is via location (for this you will have to turn ON your location services), and the second one is via entering the City name you want the predictions for.

• Wind rose for detailed wind directions and wind speed (just tap anywhere on the wind description or value to open it).

• Custom lock screen picture support! Add your own picture behind Prognoza’s data on the lock screen

• Two sets of icons available to show on live tiles/lock screen (under Prognoza’s settings switch “alternative icons” on/off).

• Background location tracking! Just turn it on in the app settings under “other”. Background location tracking does not consume any more battery then without it!

• Notifications of changing weather condition! Turn them on in the apps settings under “notifications”, just select the conditions you want notifications for and you will get a notification from Prognoza when the weather changes.

• Ability to change the app language independent from the Phone language.


• Favorites – just add your city to favorites and you can access it via double tap anywhere on the main screen of Prognoza or via application bar > “Favorites”. This makes easy switching from City to City.


PLEASE be aware that WP8.0 devices with just 512 MB RAM don’t have all functions (that is because of your devices, and the limit they have!). It is important that you understand that if you use a 512MB RAM device, that you cannot have all functions because of the limit i have not set.



Vouchers that are used in this app are only valid until the next reinstall of the app. This is currently the only way to redeem the full version from a trial app. You ca nenter a voucher if you have one inside the app under informations > state > enter the voucher in the voucher box and press redeem button.



• Added new clouds pictures (thx to @WinObs)

• Changes to the Metro theme


• New stock icon pack (white icons)

• Changed HERE location APIs for the City names

• Added suomi (Finnish) language

• New Voucher system, you can get vouchers from me on Twitter and if you support the app in any other kind.



• translations fixes

• bug fixes to voucher system.


• Added Trial mode for users to try Prognoza first before buying it.

• Added voucher system to unlock full app.


• Changed the design in the app, on the live tiles and lock screen a bit.

• Added Romanian language (more languages are in the works, will be added in few days).

• changed a the app startup so that it is faster now.


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