Programmer 9-5 Day Job

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

You are a low level programmer stuck in a 9-5 day job, you have to work your way up in the corporate ladder until level 10 the CEO, then you can purchased the company stock and become the owner of the company

Instruction to play:

Click work to begin working and slowly upgrade your skill, check the stat and competition and make sure you are the top on the “DAY OF PROMOTION” to get promoted to the next level

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

get caught sleeping – 10 PER

finish your total work(40) + 40 PER

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

finish your total work(80) + 80 PER

Level 1 promotion chance – everyday

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

level 2 promotion chance – every 2 days

level 3 promotion chance – every 3 days

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

level 1-3 Programmer

level 4-6 Team lead

【免費模擬App】Programmer 9-5 Day Job-APP點子

level 7-9 Manager

level 10 CEO

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