Proximity Fast Dialer

【免費工具App】Proximity Fast Dialer-APP點子

Proximity Fast Dialer is Proximity Sensor based application for call your added Contacts.

Here you move your hand or any obstacle over Proximity sensor 3 times it shows Fast

Contact list Dialog with other shorcut.

Proximity sensor work even even screen off so and also Dialog Display on "Lock


Using this app you can also use below Widgets:

1) Anywhere access your Emergency Contacts and one touch to call

2) One touch Wifi On/off over screen lock

【免費工具App】Proximity Fast Dialer-APP點子

3) One touch Bluetooth On/off over screen lock

4) One touch Torch On/off over screen lock

5) One touch Brightness set over screen lock

In Proximity Fast Dialer app Fast Dialog automatic Dismiss after 3 second if you dont

touch dialog for some diffrent situations like dialog apears when you put your phone in

front of some obstacles.

Remove Contact LongClick on any Contacts in AddContact Screen.

The app hardly use any battery power. You shouldn't even see it in the statistics.

Over Api Android 3.0 you can call with swipe or in all Api level Click on Call Dialer Icon.

Proximity Fast Dialer app is Proximity Sensor based app and Proximity Sensor differently work on different devices so if this app not work properly in your device then inform me before giving bed rating. please do not write your help in comment mail me personally. Thank you.


【免費工具App】Proximity Fast Dialer-APP點子

Here you see to many permissions but dont wory about it because mainly permission is used in app and other permission is just for Ad.

【免費工具App】Proximity Fast Dialer-APP點子

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