Psychrometric Calc

【免費工具App】Psychrometric Calc-APP點子

Psychrometric Calc is developed for a quick and convenient calculation of moist air based on most common input parameters.

This App is designed for process engineers, thermal engineers, HVAC engineers, field technicians, maintenance consultants, and other professionals who deal with moist air.

Ease-of-use is the prime design objective of this App. No complicated input pages, and no cluttered output results. One page does it all!

You input two psychrometric parameters, and the App will automatically calculate the remaining parameters.

Unique features of this psychrometric App:

• Comply with ASHRAE Handbook

• Well organized input modes

• Works for pressures lower or higher than atmospheric pressure

【免費工具App】Psychrometric Calc-APP點子

• On-Spot toggle of input and output units

Input Modes:

Dry Bulb/Wet Bulb

Dry Bulb/Relative Humidity (RH)

Dry Bulb/Dew Point

【免費工具App】Psychrometric Calc-APP點子

Dry Bulb/Humidity Ratio

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