Pumpkin Smash'n

【免費街機App】Pumpkin Smash'n-APP點子

Great Halloween game that is fun anytime of the year!

Smash pumpkins with your finger before they disappear. Eat candy to earn extra points, but watch out for the bats! The game gets more intense with each passing wave so watch out for the sneaky bats by the pumpkins.

- Kid friendly

【免費街機App】Pumpkin Smash'n-APP點子

- Extremely easy to use

【免費街機App】Pumpkin Smash'n-APP點子

- Kiddo, easy, medium, hard and sound settings

【免費街機App】Pumpkin Smash'n-APP點子

- High scores list to keep you competitive

If you like fun and addicting games or any other smashing and popping games this is a great addition.

For a similar game with a different twist try Bubble Stop!

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