Putin Game : Putin Pong

【免費街機App】Putin Game : Putin Pong-APP點子

Putin Game : Putin Pong is a simple and humoristic 2 player game! First one to get 21 points wins! Putin Pong will amaze you with physically pleasing gameplay and general smoothness of the game! Not only that - bounce Putin around like a ball and have some fun!

Putin Pong offers:

✪Multiplayer experience on the same device!

✪Smooth gameplay!

✪Bouncing Putin!

✪Simple 2 finger controls!

【免費街機App】Putin Game : Putin Pong-APP點子

✪Made with Unity!

Quick tip : If you want to restart or something wrong happens - just hit reset!

This Putin game is a joke and should not be taken seriously! Have fun with this Putin game!

Please note : everyone rating the game for political purposes are breaking the Google Play rules !

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