Pyramid Escape

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

Guide the golden eye ball of Ra inside the pyramid using the tilt of your device and escape from the pyramid with your girlfriend.

A truly addictive game with full of mystery. You must reach to the statue of Pharao by collecting all the heads of his queen.

An Ancient Egyptian Pharao (Suvro) is revived when an archaeological expedition led by you find his mummy. Despite the warning of your girlfriend, you recklessly read aloud an ancient life-giving spell. The Pharao lives again and is seeking the reincarnation of the soul of his ancient lover, Princess Kat.

The Pharao captures your girlfriend and uses the Book of the Dead to resurrect her lover Kat by taking your girlfriend’s soul.

Now you have to rescue with your girlfriend and escape from the pyramid.To do this you have to collect all head’s of the Pharao’s queen and give those to him by using Golden Eyeball of God Ra.

It is easy at first, but with every level it gets harder and harder. You will need a lot of practice to complete the whole game.


• Tilt your device to move the golden eye ball.

• Collect all the heads of Pharao's queen and touch the statue of Pharao to complete the level.

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

• Avoid dangerous weapons and mummies. If they catch you, the game is over.

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

【免費街機App】Pyramid Escape-APP點子

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