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“Verily this Quran doth guide to that which is most right (or stable).” (Quran, 17:9)

QApp is a free Quran application for Android devices. The idea behind QApp is to facilitate reading at least one ayah of the Quran daily. To achieve this, all you have to do is set a notification alert, or as many as you want, and everyday QApp sends a notification to your notification bar with a random ayah at the selected time/s. All you have to do is take a glance, read the line, get back to what ever you were doing. You basically don't even have to enter the app in order to read the Quran everyday. Unless you want to of course. In that case you can browse through the whole Quran within the app.

"This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah." (Quran 2:2)

It is a fact that opening the Quran at a random page and reading Ayahs have had a great impact on Quran readers. QApp lets you pick up a copy of the Quran anytime, anywhere and seek guidance from Allah. Don't know what you are looking for? Generate a random Ayah. Surely, Allah guides those who want to be guided.

You can also browse the whole Quran or go to any Surah and Ayah by using the search option. Want to be able to refer back to an Ayah later? Bookmark it!

Please bear with us and do let us know if you find any errors. Please also keep us in your prayers!

Finally, a very special thanks goes out to for making the Quran available in so many different formats, Tjerk Wolternik for the expandable list view library, and Derek Bremeyer for the time picker library.

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子


-Random Ayah in notification

-Unlimited Notifications

-Unlimited Bookmarks

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子


-Sharing Ayahs

-Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation (Default), Muhsin Khan ( Downloadable)

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子

-Multiple Translations (Bengali, German, Spanish, Urdu)

-Facebook share option

-Text size adjustment

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子

-Clean user interface

-Quran browser

-Easy Quran navigation

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子

-Smart Search by Surah name, number and Ayah number.

-Missed Notifications

-Generate Random Ayah

【免費書籍App】QApp - Quran Daily-APP點子

-Random Ayah Context browsing

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