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The QWiFi-Storage App for iPhone allows you to navigate and share the photos, videos, music and documents stored on your QWiFi-Storage wireless driver. All of your photos, documents, music and movies are filtered to a list to easily see and search. Accessed via a dedicated Wi-Fi network from your iPad WiFi settings and launch the app to navigate through the folders or tap on "Movies", "Music", "Photos" or "Documents" to easily see a filtered view of your content. Tap on a movie file and it will begin playing almost instantly with all the familiar iPhone/iPad playback controls. Key Feature of QWiFi-Storage App:1. App requires a QWiFi-Storage device to access media files.2. Access your media library stored on the QWiFi-Storage device wherever you are – no internet required.3. Thumbnail and slideshow display.4. Content library filtered - Music, Photo, Movie and document libraries are easily view and search content.6. Easy-to-use playback controls

【免費工具App】QWiFiStorage For iPhone-APP點子

【免費工具App】QWiFiStorage For iPhone-APP點子

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