Quad Live Wallpaper Free

【免費個人化App】Quad Live Wallpaper Free-APP點子

Sick of the same wallpaper over and over again ? Get a new wallpaper with Quad Live Wallpaper every time ! New is always better.

Quad Live Wallpaper fits everybody. So many different settings - so many different possibilities! Never the same!

** No permissions required!! No ads! **

This Live Wallpaper is free!!

TO USE: Home -> Menu/Settings -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

"But a live wallpaper is sooo battery draining..!" - Little to non battery draining with Quad Live Wallpaper! It is only "thinking" when there is an animation running. No OpenGL ! No everytime rendering ! No complex algorithms !

Features in this Version:

- Quad Size

- Color Mode

- Shadow

- Shadow Color

- Transparency

- Transparency Mode

- Border Width

- Border Color

【免費個人化App】Quad Live Wallpaper Free-APP點子

- Animation Style

- Animation Speed

- Manual Animation

- Automatic Animation

- Automatic Animation Interval

- Moving Background

- Activate Background Image

- Background Color

- Save Preferences

【免費個人化App】Quad Live Wallpaper Free-APP點子

- Load Preferences

- Reset Preferences

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